Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures.

“Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures. The coronavirus crisis prompted us to take extraordinary measures.

For AAT-AD/PD™, the science of finding solutions for patients with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases has always been our DNA. Even in difficult times, the science remains our first priority. Exchanging scientific data and sharing novel insights must not wait.

Therefore AAT-AD/PD™ 2020 will not be postponed. For the first time, AAT-AD/PD™ 2020 will be held as an entirely virtual meeting. Instead of meeting in person, we will be meeting virtually over the web. Lectures will be held from remote locations; posters will be shared virtually. Forum discussions and corporate symposia will be webcast online and on time. Exhibitors will be able to meet online to discuss new collaborations.”

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Accolades from AAT-AD/PD 2020

Gene Kinney


``Looking forward to the first ever all-virtual AD/PD meeting, where cutting edge science will be shared in a socially responsible venue!``

Jerome Staal


``Well done to the organizers (and presenters) of #AATADPD 2020, rapidly switching this to an entirely virtual meeting. I look forward to go hearing about all the exciting work going on.``

Fundación Pasqual Maragall


``Thank you @adpdnet for the quick adaptation to this new scenario. Our scientific director at BBRC, José Luis Molinuevo will give the presentation: Early changes in AD biomarkers show an interplay between tau metabolism, inflammation, synaptic damage and neurodegeneration``

Dr Gemma Lace


``So exciting. Extraordinary science that you can pause, rewind & reflect on, as well as nip and make yourself a brew half way through a session.... Happy #AATADPD everyone!``

Chrystalina Antoniades


``Great morning watching some of the #AATADPD @adpdnet virtual meeting. Made my pre-recording session of my talk very easy and the technical support team has been super!``

Katy Hole


``Can’t wait to take part in my first international conference... from my living room!``



``Enjoying wonderful talks at my own pace (and at times in my pajamas) on Tau and its relation to brain structure and brain function from #AATADPD meeting 2020. I really hope that @adpdnet will have on-demand videos next year (besides a live event with its advantages). ``

Katy Hole


``Big thanks to the organisers for pushing forward with the virtual conference at such short notice. It’s been a very positive experience but hopefully I can actually make it to Barcelona next year!``



``Looking forward to the first ever all-virtual ADPD meeting, where cutting edge science will be shared virtually! My study on the effects of social isolation are coincidentally very relevant in these current circumstances``

Nico Franzmeier


``Excited for todays start of #AATADPD, which will be held as an entirely virtual conference du to the corona outbreak. If you'd like to hear about our new findings on connectivity vs tau spreading in #Alzheimers, come see my talk on saturday!``

Melanie Tucker


``What a great solution to keep everyone safe from #covid19 while keeping the scientific momentum going.``

John Harrison


``Delighted to be part of the faculty for Sponsored Symposium 1 ‘Diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease: Overcoming the obstacles’ @adpdnet - I'll be discussing #cognitive differences between subtypes of #alzheimersdisease``

Po-Wah So


``Thanks @adpdnet for the first virtual #AATADPD meeting, although still looking through the presentations, being able to go to all the parallel sessions with open mouth. Lessons learnt for next virtual conference: check audio and clean the monitor screen first``

Anna Rosenberg


``Excited to attend the highly interesting @adpdnet #AATADPD virtual meeting starting today! For me it wouldn’t have been possible to participate otherwise! Maybe this is something to consider even in the post-corona era?``

David Berron


``Just recorded my talk on MTL functional connectivity in AD for the virtual #AATADPD next week. Although it’s been quite an awkward feeling to talk to a screen for 20 minutes, I’d like to take the chance to say how awesome it is that the conference goes entirely virtual!``

Dr Gemma Lace


``Half way through day 2 of #AATADPD and I have only just finished going through all the talks from day 1...... yes I absolutely did go through all the talks in each of the 4-5 streams!``

Heather Snyder, PhD


``Thank you @adpdnet for convening this discussion on DIAN-TU trial results and including @alzassociation in this discussion!``

Stephen Pearson


``Virtual ADPD #AATADPD conference is very successful. Able to drop into high quality presentations during the day. Lots about biomarkers. Stunning presentation by @m_hornberger on spatial navigation as a potential marker in preclinical Alzheimer’s disease.``

Jerome Staal


``My first virtual meeting to attend and it’s easy to get around. Plus, more time to look at all the great posters! Well done everyone for your hard work. ``

Edward Wilson


``Just finished prerecording my lecture for #AATADPD @adpdnet, which will be entirely virtual for the first time. Disappointed about not traveling to Vienna but we made our own Sachertorte to celebrate while WFH! ``

Xenia Kobeleva


``Enjoying wonderful talks at my own pace (and at times in my pajamas) on Tau and its relation to brain structure and brain function from #AATADPD meeting 2020. I really hope that @adpdnet will have on-demand videos next year (besides a live event with its advantages). ``