Virtual Meeting Introduction for Supporters and Exhibitors

The AAT-AD/PD™ Focus Meeting is entering the virtual world.

In light of the global crisis surrounding the coronavirus and the Austrian ban on indoor events of more than 100, we are pulling together, finding solutions, and making use of the innovative tools available to us so that we may honor our shared responsibility to the science behind AAT-AD/PD™. Below is a summary of what this virtual meeting has to offer.


The full scientific and sponsored program is still scheduled to take place as originally planned within our virtual platform with pre-recorded and live sessions. These sessions will have interactive features where participants and speakers will engage in discussion around all the hot topics in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s therapies.


Yes, there is still a place for participants and exhibitors to interact, please see an example below:

virtual exhibition
virtual exhibition booth

The AAT-AD/PD™ virtual meeting will have a full exhibition area where exhibitors may share with viewers all promotional PDFs, videos, social media in a branded virtual environment. Participants may chat with exhibitors and  leave their contact details and inquiries in order begin further correspondence.


Private virtual meeting spaces may be provided.


Promotional PDF materials will be shared via the AAT-AD/PD™ Meeting App. In addition, app sponsorship and push notifications will continue to take place as normal. These materials, as well as logos, will have new prominence in the virtual platform.

The AAT-AD/PD™ family continue their efforts to deliver the greatest value to our faithful supporters. Please contact us if you have any additional questions.